PSD to 3D: Photoshop Extension Not Found

NOTE: Be sure to Uninstall all previous versions of PSD to 3D before installing an update, to avoid other installation issues.

Adobe's most recent Cloud updates to Photoshop 2020 has caused some issues when installing PSD to 3D Pro and Lite. The Photoshop extension portion of the tool doesn't always show up after installation.

We have a few different solutions to try to get the tool up and running on your system.

1. Make sure to select the .jsx, not the .zxp, when using File menu->Scripts->Browse...
  • The .jsx file is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\PSDto3D\photoshop\cs6, and it's backwards compatible with CC and CS6.
  • This version does not display a UI, however.  So, in order to configure the two options, which are "Expand of [number] pixels" and "[Yes/No] Export the layers as PNG", you need to edit the .jsx script file.  - That is actually pretty easy.  The last line of the script is:  

this_ext_PHXS.main( 25, true );

Where the "25" is the default "Expand" value, and the "true" means that "Export the layers as PNG" is toggled on by default.  So, you can change either of these before running the script.  Also note, the "Export" option can be quite time consuming, and is not normally needed because the PNGs can also be exported from the tool in Maya.  Just in case you have trouble with that tool, exporting from Photoshop serves as a backup.

2. You can try installing the .zxp manually.
  • Open a Command Prompt with Administrator privileges;  (a) Hit the "window" button the keyboard, (b) Type "cmd" on the keyboard, (c) Right-click the "Command Prompt" option which should appear, and select "Run as Administrator"
  • Browse to the folder with the .zxp, using the following command:

cd C:\Program Files (x86)\PSDto3D\photoshop\cc

  •  Run the Adobe Extension installer, using the following commands:

ExMan\ExManCmd.exe /remove "com.EDFilms.PsdExporter"
ExMan\ExManCmd.exe /install ".\PsdExporter.zxp"

  • Exit Photoshop
  • Locate the folder named C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions
  • This contains installed Photoshop extensions, and it should hold subfolders like com.adobe.ccx.start-2.12.0
  • Create a subfolder named com.EDFilms.PsdExporter
  • Locate the file named C:\Program Files (x86)\PSDto3D\photoshop\cc\PsdExporter.zxp
  • This is the Photoshop extension for PSDto3D, which should be created by our installer
  • Open this file in 7-zip, or another unzip program of your choice.  It is a .zip file in disguise
  • Extract the contents to the com.EDFilms.PsdExporter folder
  1. The attached image shows what the folder contents should look like

  2. PSD to 3D - Photoshop Extension Fix
  • Restart Photoshop, and check the Window menu->Extensions