What is the (hi)story of e→d films?

Hmmmm the history of e→d films' story. Let's make this short.

1980's - Dan starts his self-taught process of animation in his hometown in Alberta, Canada

1990's - early 2000's - Emily studies Art, History, and Digital Media across Canada and in Europe while Archita travels the world as an engineer before settling in to Montréal

2004 - Dan and Emily both get gigs at the Banff Media Centre, Alberta, Canada, meet, and start collaborating 

2007 - Dan and Emily decide to move to Montréal, and start animating as e.d. films in Montréal in a living room

2008-12 - several shorts, dozens of international accolades, a successful YouTube following, and a Webby award and nomination later, they decide this is the business for them

2013 - Archita, Dan, and Emily all get invited to the same wedding in Québec, chat awkwardly, and a few months later decide they are meant to be partners in e→d films (none of them knew exactly what they were getting into but it lasted longer than the marriage where they all met!)

2013-now - With some exciting projects in the works, a business model in focus, a solid team, our own intellectual property, incredible partners, and lots more international accolades, it feels like e→d films is on a good path

Stay tuned!