E.D. FILMS is a Montreal-based award winning animation house, digital tools lab, and full-service studio. With Daniel Gies at the creative helm, we blend a hand-crafted aesthetic with innovative techniqes and technologies to produce unique content for our own shorts, documentaries, service in science and cultural industries, co-productions, VR/AR experiences, and television/transmedia.

The world "lab" best represents what we do; we are most happy pushing boundaries and taking risks in art and animation, with different software, and even in the way we run the studio.

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Art, Animation, Tech Daniel Gies
Production, Projects, Collaborations Emily Paige
Business, Strategy Archita Ghosh
Production, Projects, Store Roxann Vaudry-Read
Animation, Post-Production Eric Max Kaplin
Animation, Post-Production David Barlow-Krelina