November 3, 2021

Version 1.2.1 (click to download)
PSD to 3D Pro
PSD to 3D Lite

Fixed in this version:

  • Adobe Extension Installer
    No code changes. Updated installer with new technique for installing the Adobe Photoshop extension for PSDto3D.

July 16, 2021

Version 1.2.0 (click to download)
PSD to 3D Pro
PSD to 3D Lite

Fixed in this version:

  • Maya 2022
    No code changes.  Updates for compatibility with Maya 2022.

August 2, 2019

Version 1.0.5 (click to download)
PSD to 3D Pro
PSD to 3D Lite

Fixed in this version:

  • PNG image file issue in the Alpha channel generation.
    Fix generated PNG images sometimes appearing blank in Maya viewport.

July 29, 2019

Version 1.0.4 (click to download)
PSD to 3D Pro
PSD to 3D Lite

Fixed in this version:

  • Empty group node when regenerating.
    Prevents any empty group from being created, when generating meshes.  Checks whether the group would have any new members, and if not, the group isn't created.
  • Vector mesh incorrect aspect ratio with non-square Photoshop files.
    Vector Mode now applies aspect ratio matching the Photoshop file. 
  • Linear and Vector imported layers face different directions.
    Restores legacy orientation of meshes generated in Linear Mode (so Vector and Linear now match again, removing the x-axis flip previously applied to Linear mode).  But reverses the effect of Depth Between Layers.  So a positive spinner value is "correct", and means bottom layers are spaced in the -z direction, instead of +z direction.  A positive spinner value gives the desired composite.  Layer positions are the same between Linear and Vector Mode.
    Note:  Resolves alignment problems if mixing Linear and Vector in the same scene.  Layers using either type should have consistent position and orientation for a correct composite.
  • Vector mesh top layer starts at incorrect depth 1.0.
    Previously, when generating Vector Mode mesh, the top layer had z-axis position of 1.0.  But, Linear Mode top layer had position of 0.0.  This caused alignment problems if mixing both modes in the same scene.  Fixed so the top layer has z position 0.0 for both. 
  • Incorrect depth placement of mesh if generated one-by-one.
    Previously, when generating a mesh for a single layer individually, instead of all layers together, it would be spaced with incorrect depth, z-axis position of 0.0, as if the top layer.  Fixed so layers are always spaced as they appear in the list.  Thus, the Nth layer mesh is always spaced at (N * Depth Between Layers). 


June 21, 2019

Version 1.0.3 (click to download)
PSD to 3D Pro
PSD to 3D Lite

Fixed in this version:

  • PSD extension deletes vector masks during export.
    Photoshop extension now de-selects the active layer, so that vector masks do not appear in the Paths tab in Photoshop.  As a result, Vector Masks are not deleted when the extension deletes existing paths.
  • Maya plugin crash with special characters in layer names.
    Special characters are now replaced by underscores in Maya object names.  An underscore is prepended if a names begins with a number.  If multiple special characters appear in a row, they are replaced by only one underscore.  Trailing underscores are removed.
  • Maya plugin crash when importing all layers.
    An error in the plugin logic caused random crashes, more common when importing a large number of layers, fixed.
  • PSD extension doesn't replace special characters in layer names, for PNG export.
    Special characters and spaces are now replaced by underscores using the same logic as the Maya plugin, when writing PNG files.  The layer names themselves are left unmodified in the output PSD file.
  • Maya plugin PSD to 3D Editor window displays spaces in layer names replaced by underscores.
    The Editor window now displays the layer names exactly as they appear in Photoshop, spaces are not replaced by underscore.  Objects created in the Maya scene have normalized names, with spaces and special characters replaced by underscores.
  • PSD extension CS6 files to export background layer.
    Background layers, or other layers completely filled with color data, are now exported correctly using the CS6-compatible script, via Photoshop File menu->Scripts->Browse.  This script is supported by Photoshop 2017-2019 and usable as a fallback, in case of issues with the installed Photoshop Extension.
  • Maya plugin progress bar stuck at 100%.
    When any progress operation is finished, the progress bar now returns to zero to indicate completion, instead of displaying 100%.
  • PSD extension sometimes exported vector masks as Linear Mode paths.
    An error in the PSD extension sometimes caused the vector mask of a layer to be used as the exported layer path for Linear Mode, fixed.


June 4, 2019

Version 1.0.2 (click to download)
PSD to 3D Pro

Fixed in this version:

  • Temporary patch build licensing
    A special licensing patch, to add a space character after the user's first name for proper license generation.


May 21, 2019

Version 1.0.1 (click to download)
PSD to 3D Pro
PSD to 3D Lite