Home was Hairy Hill

Emerging from our art director Daniel Gies' personal history, Home was Hairy Hill began as a floating collection of inter-generational tales remembered from childhood. They morphed over the years and took the form of a single true story: Dan’s Franco-Albertan great-grandmother, his Métis rodeo star great-grandfather, and their fragile family’s breaking point. Transformed into symbolic fiction inspired by oral traditional storytelling, executed with an in-house hybrid paper, 2D, 3D, and Game Engine (with our own Scene Track plug-in) pipeline, illustrative animation experience, and input from a number of other artists, Home was Hairy Hill is a haunting and deeply personal tribute to family folklore.

Daniel Gies


Daniel Gies (Art + Tech Director, Co-Founder, E*D Films), is an accomplished animator and programmer. His peers know him as a leader in pushing the limits of off-the-shelf animation software through the use of customized scripting, hybridization, and creative programming. His extensive library - comprised of more than 300 online video tutorials which explore his unique animation techniques - has an active and organically growing international online following, reaching +100 000K subscribers across five social media platforms. Daniel is the inventor of: “Scene Track: Game Media Exporter”, “PSD to 3D”, and “Z Fighter” plugins - all innovative production tools, conceptualized to empower artists working in the animation, VR, and video gaming realms.

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