Three Trees

As the seasons change, three little trees learn about themselves, friendship and their place in the world. As a sweet little short for children, written by M.R. Horhager and Directed by he and Aaron Hong, the film has been made entirely in Unreal Engine, fusing traditional 2D art direction with the robust power of the Unreal has allowed for a unique look and the ability to use the camera for storytelling and world building, as well as automate complicated seasonal transitions.

M.R. Horhager

Write + Co-Director

M.R. Horhager is a Filipino-Canadian creator, director, writer and filmmaker from Toronto, Ontario with a decade of experience in the animation industry. His work includes directing the award-winning series “Dot.” produced by the Jim Henson Company, working with Sesame Workshop as a director on “Prankster Planet”, and his current role as an Episodic Director on Nickelodeon’s “Blues Clues & You” reboot.
His past director credits also include the pre-school series “Chirp”, and the Christmas special "The Curse of Clara: A Holiday Tale", which won a 2017 Canadian Screen Award for "Best Animated Program or Series".In addition to his work in broadcast TV, M.R. Horhager is also a prolific creator of original animated content, with multiple projects in various stages of development. He has also written, directed and produced several short films, with many that have appeared in international festivals, including "Extreme Nuts" (2010), "Ball'oons" (2011), "I Hate You Red Light" (2012), "Ringo" (2012), and "Kafka’s Little Fable" (2016). In 2017, he was invited to pitch one of his original projects, “The Distinguished Dinosaurs”, at the acclaimed Annecy International Animated Film Festival.M.R. Horhager’s varied experience has given him the opportunity to work on shows and develop content that span from the pre-school demographic up to adult. In addition to his many projects, his newest venture in 2019 is leveraging his strong storytelling ability as a TV writer.


Aaron Hong


Aaron Hong is a Toronto based art director, designer and creator of animated content. For over a decade, his career has spanned virtually every medium including broadcast, feature film, short film, web-series and interactive arts for some of North America’s top production companies and broadcasters.
His past art directional credits include the award-winning preschool series Dot (based on the book by Randi Zuckerberg), CBC's Chirp, and the 2017 Canadian Screen Award-winner The Curse of Clara: A Holiday Tale (“Best Animated Program”). As a graduate of Seneca College's Animation Arts program, he is honoured to have worked on additional projects with Nickelodeon, Spinmaster, Jim Henson Co., DHX Media, 9 Story Entertainment, Guru Studio, Blame Your Brother, and many more.As a passionate artistic director and storyteller, Aaron Hong is currently in development on an original preschool series with Boat Rocker Media. He is also the Studio Art Director for the award-winning animation studio, Industrial Brothers, overseeing visual development and design on up coming projects.

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