Playlist: Our Products

Getting Started + Suggested workflows

Art + Tech Director Daniel Gies gives a quick tour of the Nature Mega Pack 001 brush pack and shows users how to best use them in Photoshop. Then Daniel gives some tips and tricks on how to use e→d films' animated assets to create complex environments in After Effects.

Playlist: PSD to 3D

Advanced workflows + applications

PSD to 3D is a new plugin (currently for Windows Operating System ONLY) that converts 2D drawings into 3D content. Artists with little to no 3D experience can now bypass the modeling phase, turning Photoshop sketches into moldable scenes and characters, ready for animation.

Playlist: Scene Track

All tutorials to get started with the open-source plugin for Unity and Maya

Scene Track: Game Media Exporter is an open source animation tool that delivers four kinds of data from Unity. By recording real-time game play, artists can now get video, image, sound and fbx files. Play. Record. Export. It's that easy. You don't need to know code. Jump in and try. It'll blow your mind!

Playlist: Crowd Favourites

A collection of our top After Effects Tutorials

Here is a collection of some of our community's favourite tutorials we have released over the years. From how to start from paper and move to animation in After Effects, to simple expressions in After Effects that allow you to add fake cloth simulations to your 2.5D characters.

Playlist: Advanced Animation

Here is a collection of Advanced Animation tutorials we've released over the years that help animators add reflections, 2D head turns, dynamic parenting and more.