How to use our tools

Daniel Gies shares tips and tricks on how to use e→d films' tools

"e→d films’ tutorials motivated me to create 2D characters that look 3D in After Effects. They helped me to tackle my animated film within 5 months, from the first sketch to the last piece of sound."

Edgar Huebert
The Abyss

"Before starting my graduation film I was inspired by the character animation of one of my favourite artists, Daniel Gies. I love all his work and watched many e→d films tutorials before and while making my film."

Ji Jung

"We have been following e→d films for quite some time, as we are big fans of the techniques e→d comes up with. The tutorials were very useful and without them we couldn't have finished the film!"

Sarah Jane Hatooka
Guide de Jardinage

"My favourite thing about e→d films is that they create indescribably beautiful art, and while doing so they generously share their process to educate, inspire and immensely improve our workflows and final results!"

Rita McKinnon
Lost At Sea

How to make an IK driven character using the DuIK auto-rigger

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How to Animate a Simple 2D Character Head Rotation in After Effects

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