Set on a remote and beautiful planet in the future, Elemented’s 15-year-old Wren and her best friend Ash, are determined to win one of the limited seats on the final Earth-bound spaceship built by the Department of Knowledge (DOK). Pillaged for its resources in their grandparents’ generation and then abandoned by Earth years ago, the planet is one that everyone - including Wren and Ash - is dying desperately to leave. That is until Wren happens upon a strange device, Memoir, that holds deep within it, a secret that changes everything.

Conceptualized as a rich and vivid universe full of stories with infinite possibilities for interaction, this is a story for which this generation’s youth – players of video games, everyday users of electronic devices, and casual consumers of multi-platform stories – is primed. With our signature illustrative style, hybrid pipeline possibilities, and paper to digital exploration of the story, let's see where this adventure - currently in co-development with Corus Entertainment (Teletoon) - leads us.


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Gratitude to these partners and clients, funders and supporters, awards and accolades, for giving this project life!
Corus | Elemented e→d films
Annecy MIFA Transmedia Pitch | Elemented e→d films
Forum Blanc Pitch | Elemented e→d films
Power to the Pixel Pitch | Elemented e→d films
arte Award at Power to the Pixel | Elemented e→d films

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