We are an animation studio. We make stories that move.
Shorts, series, co-productions, transmedia, concepts, service ... these are some of the creative projects that keep us moving.
Cultural and educational projects in collaboration with public broadcasters, national film boards, not-for-profits and brands around the world.

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We create tools and assets you need to quickly take your animation projects to the next level. From Photoshop brushes and After Effects Character rigs to hand crafted animated elements. Plug them into your next film, game or video project to save time without losing the magic.

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Want to learn about animation production? Need tips for painting in Photoshop? Tricks for animating in After Effects? Help with asset creation in Maya? Or even learn a new software like Rebelle or 3D Coat? Subscribe to e→d films on Youtube where Art + Tech Director Daniel Gies shares about the e→d process.

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